Belgium has great chocolate.  Belgium has great bread.  Put the two together and you have a great breakfast (or anytime) treat.

Sunday: Jacques Callebaut Matinettes And Granules

While at a dinner with Chris’ coworkers, we were told that there was chocolate that you could get to put on bread to eat for breakfast.  This is one of those times when I wasn’t quite sure if the person was kidding around with the Americans, or this tale of chocolate on toast for breakfast was true.  I’m well acquainted with Nutella, so I figured I’d check out the grocery for this toast chocolate.

And deep in the rows of the local grocery, I found the treasure I was seeking: Jacques Callebaut granules and matinettes.

Jacques Callebaut Matinettes And Granules

The Granules are similar to what, in New England, we call ‘Jimmies’.  I think the rest of the country calls them chocolate sprinkles.  Except for these jimmies aren’t the waxy chocolate that we’re used to having on our ice cream cones!  Delicious dark (or milk) chocolate goodness.  And they start to melt on hot toast…yummm!

The maitinettes are very thin chocolate bars that also melt very nicely on a warm piece of toast.  Heaven.  I can assure you that several boxes of these will be making the journey home with me in March.

Jacques Callebaut With Bread

Delicious toasty chocolaty goodness!  And probably way less fat than a croissant.

 Ok, this post concludes chocolate week.

Tomorrow we’re off to Milan for a few days.  Ciao!